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Is like a nun's cunt.
I am back! Hello! Yes, sorry for the absence! School and stuff and general MMO overload on my part! Anyway, I have been contacted by a member of the community actually asking to help. Please make yourself known, if your name is different than on Steam! That's someone who really wants the place to get back to greatness, and we, especially myself, have got complacent a sloppy. We need to start getting the place together. We need to have structure.

We need rules.

Now, at this moment, my brain does not work at 2am in the morning, so I will not start the proceedings with my own ideas. I will let the community start the discussion of what should or should not be looked at for the rules. Don't be shy, we wont hate you forever for a bad idea. We will start to compile a good Rules List at the bottom of my post as we go along. However, the Council, Globals, and Admins WILL have the last say, so be warned.

Good Luck.

After a week or 2 of downtime, it's finally back online.

Hooray! Thanks Neils.
Well, I'm back for good.
Right, we all can see that Comet Gaming is getting back onto its feet. It is doing this steadily but slowly. Mcfly has appointed a small group of us to act as a Restoration Council, a plan put forward by myself. The Council is pretty much a group of Global Moderators, here to keep the place tidy, and make sure we all keep the Rules. The Rules will be decided, by the Council, but ideas from the community will be appreciated. Generally, our role at the moment is to get an increased amount of active users. We need the actual Admins to want to manage this place proper, and get it back to its best. We want servers, Yes. But we can't get them unless we have Niels and McFly, and we can't get them to fully come back unless we have a thriving community. So we need everyone and anyone to get as many people to join and become frequent members. That's all we can do at the moment, we need people to be interested and easily want to chat and lark about. Promote the Art sections. Make wibbles a nice place for all. Get people into Guild Wars 2 Groups, or WoW Bands or League of Legends/Dota2/Smite Teams. Get people to play togther on Minecraft servers and then post about it here. We have to play elsewhere before we can own a Minecraft server or TF2 Trade Server.

But we need to clean up the place, make it look homely. That just means moving some threads and maybe closing one or two, but everything else is the same. The one point I must stress is that we must not start and more bloody Bitching contests or shitstorms. We can all call each other Fucktards, Faggots, Gay, Shithead and the like, but keep it at that, we need to keep the place stable. We need to not scare people away. Just play nice. Not squeaky clean, but nice.

Anyway, the Council is a s Follows;


Contact us for any immediate Ideas, Thoughts, Question, or just Immediate Rage at the new Council.